The Cold

It’s starts off as the cold breeze that hits you head to toe. You tell yourself it will be okay, that you are ready… for the cold. Sometimes you even dare to step outside before you put on your gloves, scarf and beanie.

At first it’s not so bad, you walk the streets determined and brave. But soon the cold gets in your nose, your mouth, your hands and feet, all the way to your spine. It takes over all of you. Then comes the moment you stop feeling your toes, your fingers and breathing is painful, almost impossible. You try to walk fast and ignore the freezing temperatures.

Your fingers hurt and burn, they swallow but you can no longer feel them. When will it stop?

I won’t stop anytime soon and here comes the snow. The snow however brings a calm beauty to it all. White soothes and gives a new perspective to all things. You breathe the quietness of the moment and trace your own path on the snowy-paved floor. The snow will stay on the floor, on the trees, cars and buildings giving you a sense of time and place that  puts everything back in order.

So if it’s cold, at least let there be snow.


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