Crystal clear

I was watching the Chanel Fall/Winter 2012 collection and all those giant crystals on the set reminded of a video I watched recently on The Selby.

For this Fall collection, Lagerfeld indicated Nature “the greatest designer” as the starting point and inspiration to the collection. He mentioned the shapes of crystals, “milions of years old” and applied them on cuffs, trims and shoe heels. He explored the shine and reflection of these stones through different fabrics and shilhouettes and also explored some interesting polyhedron shapes in coats.

Some looks and details from the collection.

Back to the video I watched in The Selby – “William’s Crystal Corner”! William Eadon, a photographer, mentions the powers of crystals, their ability to absorb the energies around them and also their power to pass energies onto the person who carries them. Believe in the magic or not, the video shows an interesting approach to life, energies and objects around us.

And then I thought about this shop I discovered recently on Etsy, IsWasAndWillBe. Their motto is “Lose the fear, the future is here.”, they have beautiful necklaces and bracelets. The simplicity of the designs allied with the bright colors and raw materials, make up for modern jewelry with lots of soul. They explore concepts of modernity, antiquity and infinity and use a variety of materials that range from Irish waxed linen, to German silk and Indonesian precious metals.

Images from, Chanel News and IsWasAndWillBe


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