It’s never too late: MODA LISBOA Freedom

From the 7th till the 10th of March, Lisbon watched once again to its Fashion Week.

As some of you might know, fashion-wise it’s one of the few good and well organized events happening in Portugal. There’s a lot of press and VIP people going there, not that I really care about them, anyway.

I don’t think there’s lack of quality, I can say that most of the time I miss novelty and off-the-edge stuff. But, as we all know, being in the fashion world has been mostly about struggling and so one must congratulate the designers for still keeping their brands alive and for their hard work doing their job.

As usual, I really liked Ricardo Dourado’s collection. It had that young and hip feel – you really wish you could get some of those clothes right away. Loved the colors, the transparent bits, the oversized looks, the zippers. He was able to transmit that young feel and make it a little androgynous, not losing femininity. In the guys case, I don’t think I enjoyed the whole collection but there was a lot of nice and fun detailing.

I can say that my ultimate favorite was Valentim Quaresma, there was actual novelty and tons of creativity over there – he did a performance called Meeting Seven and dressed these 7 models with his sculptural jewellery, having a cello player and electronic music (Dusk At The Mansion) playing during the presentation. The whole thing caused a huge impact and it was really beautiful.

All pictures by Rui Vasco to Moda Lisboa.

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