Think before you buy

Sarah Lazarovic decided to stop buying clothes in 2012. Instead, she painted all those dresses, tops, skirts and shoes she wanted to buy and compiled them in the beautiful A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy.

Her essay ponders on the ways the Internet has perfected itself to offer us a bunch of things we do not need. E-commerce is growing by the day, the offer and variety in clothes, accessories, brands and e-shops is bigger than ever before and even payment methods are more practical, yet the question remains: “Do I REALLY need this?”.

In most cases, we know in our hearts the answer will be No, but still we can’t resist to the charms of that frilly Summer dress, that pair of amazing boots, or the bag that will be fit both for work and leisure.

Check her entire issue below:

Credit: Sarah Lazarovic

Then, as her story was still fresh in my memory, I came accross this article about a woman who has spent the last five years without buying anything new. She goes to thrift stores, borrows from friends or family and repairs old or broken objects.

In 2007 Katy Wolk-Stanley joined a group called “The Compact”. This group was created in San Francisco by some friends who were tired of the role consumerism was playing in their lives. Their plan was to avoid unnecessary purchases, reduce clutter and waste, so they decided to stop buying new things.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world and also one which generates a lot of waste, pollution and even bad labour conditions. However, season after season, we are seduced by trends reports, advertisements and shop windows that persuade us to buy new.

My friend, the very smart Salomé Areias, also published recently an essay on Fashion Design Thinking. In her essay, she raises awareness to the way that most Fashion designers are not thinking (therefore working) as Designers. So, Fashion and all of its players should come to a new paradigm on how to design and produce responsibly, with sustainable practices that think of Fashion products on the long term, rather than the next six months.

Credit: Salomé Areias

As for me, I guess I don’t need to buy that Summer dress after all…


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