Believers, achievers and… why not?

Today following Possunt I realised I had to write about this kind of people: the ones that believe in themselves and actually achieve a great deal of stuff living their life in that way.

I can say I spent a great deal of time on the “low expectations” side – the motto was “expect less and then you won’t get disappointed”, but I am learning with this awesome people that come accross my way to want more of life than that. And, actually, it feels great to think positive and get good things in return.

Last May I had the pleasure to meet Kristin from Possunt, in her bye-bye bbq. She undertook the project/adventure of cycling from Stockholm to Greece, as a journey of self-knowledge and, as Possunt means “they can who think they can”, of personal achievement.

I confess I got out of there thinking “the girl must be nuts” as I realised she had never done such a thing. It’s August, I’m still following her posts, and one thing I can tell you: the world would be a great place if everyone had Kristin’s strength and positivity. She always looks at everything that happens in a good way, and everything that happens comes out as a lesson and not an excuse to stop doing what you are meaning to do nor to stop believing in your capabilities.

A month ago, I also found Trip Trap Tales, the blog of two 23 year-old girls who decided to go on a trip around the world and are telling the world how it’s going.

I know one needs to have the money to do such adventures: in Kristin’s case, she got some through crowd-funding and sponsors. In Trip Trap Tales I actually couldn’t reach conclusions about that part, although they do have supporters.

But my conclusion is very simple: there should be no limitations if you put your mind into something – I know this is a hard time, specially in Portugal, but if you don’t believe in yourself and stay positive there is no way you will get somewhere and achieve your wildest goals or dreams or wishes or whatever.

So… why not embracing a new attitude? Why not aiming big? Why not pushing the boundaries?

Actually there is an iniciative in Possunt’s website that can help with that, it’s called Possunt Lifestyle and applications are openned until August 15th. It can be helpful to set one’s goals and having a period of time to achieve them. A very interesting challenge. Can’t wait to see more achievers coming out of that!

Always keeping in mind: “they can who think they can”!

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