Hermès x Comme des Garçons

hermes cdg coaching

These are two brands I respect and admire for serveral reasons: Hermès for the craftsmanship and ability to modernise itself (just check their website) staying true to their values and Comme des Garçons for their conceptual and disruptive take on fashion. Since its inception in the eighties, Rei Kawakubo has managed to always deliver creative and original collections, both questioning beauty and fashion values and not compromising her artistic vision.

That is why I was so excited to hear about the collaboration between the two brands, a limited edition of 11 Carré scarves entitled “Comme des Carrés”. The prints mix Hermès’ classical prints with the CdG geometrical take – squares and circles – but also grafitti and patchwork.

Check some of the scarves from the collection here:hermes - comme des garçons - quadrige

hermes x comme des garçons thalassa

The scarves will be available in the Comme des Garçons shops in the following dates:

  • Paris from 6th February
  • New-York from 7th February
  • Aoyama-Tokyo from 8th February

All photos from: pinterest.com/hermesofficial/comme-des-carres/

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