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Hermès x Comme des Garçons

hermes cdg coaching

These are two brands I respect and admire for serveral reasons: Hermès for the craftsmanship and ability to modernise itself (just check their website) staying true to their values and Comme des Garçons for their conceptual and disruptive take on fashion. Since its inception in the eighties, Rei Kawakubo has managed to always deliver creative and original collections, both questioning beauty and fashion values and not compromising her artistic vision. Continue reading

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Guilty pleasure

The Carrie Diaries


I watched the first episode out of sheer curiosity, I must confess i wasn’t very thrilled with the idea of a Sex and the City prequel. However, episode after episode the series has captivated me to the point that I’m now anxiously antecipating the next episode.

The Carrie Diaries follows the same structure that was used in Sex and the City, that is one subject per episode. In this season Carrie is taking an internship at a law firm in Manhattan, thus having her first experiences in the big city. She already show signs of her witty sense of humour, passion for writing and sense of style, of course!

Pilot Pilot

The way the 80s are being reinterpreted is exactly one of the things I am most fond about the show: in the opening monologue Carrie mentions that “Reagan is the President and shoulder pads are all the rage”. The decade is portrayed as an exciting time, where  creative people are not afraid to use bold colors and crazy clothes, drugs are still fun and harmless and every night is a good night to party.

In terms of fashion you just about the right amount of everything: Carrie is still transitioning form her preppy outfits to something a little trendier and more fashion-conscious. In the first episode she customizes a leather bag that belonged to her mother with nail polish. This bag turns out to be a token of good luck since she gets to meet a fashion stylist the first day she is working in Manhattan! The bag will later be featured in a fashion editorial and the stylist, Larissa Loughlin, becomes Carrie’s mentor, taking her to parties, clubs, offering her Dior scarves and introducing her to the creative elite in the Big Apple.

Fright Night

There is also a love interest, bad-boy Sebastian and Carrie’s best friends Jill and Maggie. Her younger sister plays a lovely – if you can’t call it that – angry teenager, who wears jet-black eyeliner, combat boots and military jackets, grunge on the making.

Read Before Use

Fright Night


You can also find all the pop songs that made the 80s the 80s. It’s always a good trip down memory lane to listen to Footloose, Girls just wanna have fun, Material Girl, Just can’t get enough or Dancing with myself.

I think the entire cast was very well picked and has a great chemistry that definietly comes across in the screen. It’ll be interesting to see how the show evolves during this and the next seasons and how subjects such as love, sex, drugs, fashion and rock’n roll will be aproached.


I certainly will make sure to watch! And you?

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In love with… Bimba & Lola Spring 2013

As usual, I loved the entire Bimba & Lola Spring collection and wouldn’t mind to live in it as well.


This collection features pastel colors mixed with strong prints, that can’t help but to remind me of Portuguese “azulejos”. They always achieve this perfect mix between cool and classic, business and casual, with great basics, as well as some stand-out pieces. Continue reading

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Fashion and GIFs — a love story

I love GIFs. A lot. And I know I’m not alone in my adoration for GIF images, since GIF Tumblrs have become so successful in recent times. Most times, the appeal of GIFs is simply the humour and ridiculousness it conveys. The more you watch, the more stupid it gets, hence the funnier it gets.

Showing once more that fashion is always paying attention to novelty, many fashion designers and brands, as well as fashion photographers have started to explore the format. Taking it a little “more seriously”, brands, designers and photographers are taking advantage of the format to display products, collections and campaigns in a more interactive way.

Miu Miu, for example, came up with a GIF series back in February that showed a limited edition of 46 bags that were revealed in several fashion capitals during their Fall collections.

Continue reading

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