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Believers, achievers and… why not?

Today following Possunt I realised I had to write about this kind of people: the ones that believe in themselves and actually achieve a great deal of stuff living their life in that way.

I can say I spent a great deal of time on the “low expectations” side – the motto was “expect less and then you won’t get disappointed”, but I am learning with this awesome people that come accross my way to want more of life than that. And, actually, it feels great to think positive and get good things in return. Continue reading

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Think before you buy

Sarah Lazarovic decided to stop buying clothes in 2012. Instead, she painted all those dresses, tops, skirts and shoes she wanted to buy and compiled them in the beautiful A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy.

Her essay ponders on the ways the Internet has perfected itself to offer us a bunch of things we do not need. E-commerce is growing by the day, the offer and variety in clothes, accessories, brands and e-shops is bigger than ever before and even payment methods are more practical, yet the question remains: “Do I REALLY need this?”. Continue reading

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